Since 2014, Grafton & koch has provided men with more than just great services and products; We  introduced them to a lifestyle philosophy that has men caring more about their appearance and well being.


Grafton & Koch is the brainchild of former Chef turned Hairstylist Frank Bertorelli. Frank is well known for luxurious salons and services ‘One of London’s top men with a cut-throat razor, (Financial Times)

Having over 20 years of experience maintaining an impressive clientele list he dedicates himself to uphold a premiere lifestyle brand. Grafton & Koch has created a network of professionals who want to come in to their Grafton & Koch club, grab a cold drink and kick back, there’s always something that stimulates the mind, body and soul., just remember the Godfather scene where Marlon Brando has his nails done at the end of Part One; A gentleman doesn’t want to go to a ‘salon​’ for his bespoke styling, sometimes he wants a stiff drink with his haircut, and yeah, maybe a massage and hot towel straight razor shave in front of an open fire.

Grafton & Koch Gentlemen’s Grooming Club is the anti spa made for men offering an unfettered alternative to the occasionally laborious task of grooming maintenance. Basically, that means sophisticated professionalism, elegant surroundings, a well stocked bar and humidor, overstuffed luxurious red leather barber chairs and a made to measure list of deluxe services and maintenance packs just for men giving that renewed sense of male confidence to take on the day.

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